How many lethal weapon movies are there?

how many lethal weapon movies are there

How many Lethal Weapon Movies Are There?

How many lethal weapon movies are there? To understand how many Lethal Weapon movies there are, you need to have a brief introduction to the Lethal Weapon movie series. The Lethal Weapon movie series is a popular action-comedy franchise that gained significant success since its inception. In order to give you a more comprehensive idea about its movies, we will briefly introduce the Lethal Weapon movie series in this section.

Brief Introduction to the Lethal Weapon Movie Series

With a franchise spanning from 1987 to 1998 and having a renewal in 2016, the Lethal Weapon film series has had significant commercial success, garnering positive reviews over the years. The movie series follows two police detectives as they navigate various cases alongside their comedic and action-packed endeavors.

In this movie series, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover starred in each of the four original productions, with significant contributions from Joe Pesci and Rene Russo. In addition to those stars, Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans are featured in the TV adaptation of the franchise.

Apart from being commercially successful worldwide, there is a fascinating story about how Lethal Weapon films enticed comic book giant DC Comics to create their own “Lobo” character based on actor Gibson’s appearance in one of the movies. It just goes to show how creatives can feed off one another’s work!

They say that good things come in threes, but with the original Lethal Weapon trilogy, it’s more like explosions, car chases, and witty banter.

The Original Lethal Weapon Trilogy

To know about the original Lethal Weapon Trilogy, start with the title- How Many Lethal Weapon Movies Are There. In order to have an idea about the three movies that make up this iconic trilogy, check out the sub-sections- Lethal Weapon (1987), Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), and Lethal Weapon 3 (1992).

Lethal Weapon (1987)

The iconic movie trilogy that changed the world of action movies forever, depicts the story of two misfit LAPD detectives paired together to solve a case involving drugs and prostitution. Lethal Weapon (1987) is a classic portrayal of their partnership, brilliantly mixed with humor and action, making it an unforgettable masterpiece. We see the birth of Mel Gibson as an action hero and Danny Glover delivering one of his career-best performances as his straight-edge partner. The film laid the foundation for the 80s-90s buddy cop movie genre, which still influences modern cinema today.

Lethal Weapon (1987) follows Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), who recently lost his beloved wife, joins forces with Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), already a seasoned detective to solve a case involving a young woman’s death. Due to Riggs’ wild nature, he is perceived as volatile and mentally unstable; however, as they face various obstacles during their investigation, they begin to trust each other more resulting in some memorable comedic moments. One can witness Riggs’ character arc throughout the movie; where he transforms from being suicidal to discovering a new reason for living.

Despite being released over 30 years ago, Lethal Weapon (1987) still holds immense value today by its innovative use of storytelling techniques adding depth to its characters while simultaneously entertaining its audience with high-octane action scenes. The film’s soundtrack includes classics like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Twistin’ The Night Away,” which are well incorporated into multiple scenes throughout the movie.

There have been rumors about Lethal Weapon 5 for several years now. Allegedly all four main cast members are interested in returning for another final adventure with director Richard Donner up until his unfortunate passing on July 5th, 2021. Although there has been no official announcement yet, if it were to happen fans around the globe would be ecstatic to see this iconic duo unravelling their magic on the big screen once more.

“Diplomatic immunity? More like diddly-squat immunity when Riggs and Murtaugh are on the case.”

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

The second installment of the original Lethal Weapon trilogy features Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as buddy cops battling international drug smugglers. The film, released in 1989, showcases notable action scenes and introduces Joe Pesci’s comedic character. Throughout the movie, the duo confronts corrupt diplomats and dangerous criminals, ultimately leading to a thrilling finale on a cargo ship. This high-stakes action film solidifies Lethal Weapon’s place as a classic crime franchise.

In Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Martin Riggs (Gibson) and Roger Murtaugh (Glover) pursue nefarious drug lords with connections to South African apartheid. The sequel is known for its multiple high-speed car chases and intense shootouts through Los Angeles streets. Additionally, the movie explores personal issues for both detectives which elevate the plot beyond just thrilling action scenes.

This key movie revolutionized Hollywood stars’ earning potential through profit-sharing deals between actors and studios. Mel Gibson negotiated a deal for the sequel that earned him $7 million in addition to his acting salary – something unheard of at that time of production.

If you thought the first two Lethal Weapon movies were explosive, just wait until you see Danny Glover and Mel Gibson take down a group of corrupt cops in Lethal Weapon 3.

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

This edition to the Lethal Weapon series was released in 1992 and is considered a must-watch for action movie enthusiasts. It features Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as two cops on a mission to take down a group of corrupt cops involved in weapons trading. The classic duo is joined by Rene Russo as a tough detective, adding depth to the story. Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) offers high-intensity action scenes, witty one-liners, and well-crafted characters, making it a favorite among fans.

Notably, this installment marks the introduction of Leo Getz, played by Joe Pesci, who later became a recurring character in the series. Furthermore, Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) was also notable for introducing new technology such as bullet-resistant vests for law enforcement officers and using CGI for some of the explosions and other effects.

If you haven’t yet watched Lethal Weapon 3 (1992), you’re missing out on an unforgettable action-packed ride with iconic performances from its lead actors. So grab your popcorn and settle in for an epic adventure; you won’t regret it! A movie so explosive, it should have been titled Lethal Weapon 401(k).

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

The fourth installment in the iconic Lethal Weapon franchise, released in 1998, sees the misadventures of LAPD Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh continue. As they pursue a criminal ring involved in counterfeiting operations, they discover shocking links to high-profile diplomatic figures.

With contributions from all the original actors – Mel Gibson as Martin Riggs, Danny Glover as Roger Murtaugh, Joe Pesci as Leo Getz and Rene Russo as Lorna Cole – this movie is packed with action, comedy and drama. Its release was met with commercial success, instantly becoming one of the highest-grossing movies of that year.

Notably, this movie marks the last time that Gibson and Glover played their respective characters on screen together. However, rumors abound that there might be a fifth movie in development – though no official press releases have confirmed this as yet.

According to IMDb, Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) was directed by Richard Donner and written by Channing Gibson.

With all the spin-offs, sequels, and TV adaptations, it’s clear that the Lethal Weapon franchise is like a stubborn case of sequelitis that just won’t go away.

Additional Lethal Weapon Media

To explore more of the lethal weapon franchise beyond the movies, delve into the ‘Additional Lethal Weapon Media’ section. This includes the ‘Lethal Weapon TV Series (2016-2019)’ and ‘Lethal Weapon Video Games’ sub-sections. Through these, discover new ways to experience the thrilling action and gripping characters of the series.

Lethal Weapon TV Series (2016-2019)

The TV adaptation of the popular action film franchise, featuring Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, aired from 2016 to 2019. It stars Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford as detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department. The series received mixed reviews but had a loyal following for its humorous banter and thrilling action scenes.

Lethal Weapon TV show garnered significant attention for its incredible stunts, high-octane action sequences, and intense chemistry between lead actors. The show delves deep into the personal lives of the characters, providing plenty of emotional depth alongside the laughs and thrills. Throughout its run, the series explored themes around trust, sacrifice, family bonds, grief and PTSD in officers.

Although the show ended after three seasons in May 2019 due to personal controversy surrounding one cast member, fans can still dive deeper into the Lethal Weapon universe with additional licensed spin-offs available on streaming platforms.

For die-hard Lethal Weapon fans who missed out on the edge-of-your-seat action-packed episodes or are yet to discover this heart-racing world of adrenaline junkies – it’s not too late. Catch up today or you may never know what you’ve been missing!

If you thought Riggs and Murtaugh were a lethal combination on the big screen, just wait till you see them in action on your console.

Lethal Weapon Video Games

Lethal Weapon Franchise in Video Games

The Lethal Weapon franchise is not only limited to movies, but it has also made its mark in the video game industry. Here are a few points that make Lethal Weapon video games stand out:

  • The game is action-packed and involves a lot of shooting and hand-to-hand combat.
  • It allows players to control characters from the movies, including Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh.
  • The game has different levels that become progressively harder as you move on, making it more challenging.
  • The Lethal Weapon video games stay true to their movie origins by incorporating similar plots and elements.

An interesting fact about Lethal Weapon video games is that some versions have received negative reviews for being overly difficult to play. Nevertheless, many gamers have enjoyed playing these action-packed games.

A True Story

When Lethal Weapon 3 was released in theaters, Warner Bros. promoted the movie by giving away copies of the Sega Game Gear version of the Lethal Weapon video game. This promotion strategy proved successful as it helped both the movie and the video game gain further popularity among audiences.

The only conclusion we can draw from all the additional Lethal Weapon media is that Riggs and Murtaugh truly are the dynamic duo of chaos and entertainment.

Conclusion: Recap of All Lethal Weapon Movies and Media.

The Lethal Weapon franchise has captivated audiences for over three decades with its iconic duo of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. The movies and media encapsulate the explosive action genre alongside heartfelt moments of camaraderie. This article delves into the complete archive of Lethal Weapon productions, including spin-offs and adaptations.

Starting with the original 1987 movie, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, which kickstarted the franchise. Followed by Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), adding a villainous touch with South African diplomats attempting to evade prosecution for their crimes. Next, was Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) featuring a renegade ex-cop wreaking havoc on Los Angeles. The final installment in the series, Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), added Chris Rock to the cast and showcased an exceptional high-stakes finale that provided a satisfying conclusion to Riggs’ and Murtaugh’s story.

Beyond the films, there were various adaptations. One was a television series that aired from 2016-2019, whose unique plotline and performances paid tribute to its cinematic roots while developing its mythology. Furthermore, there are reports of another film or show in progress by Warner Bros., teasing further exploration of this iconic universe.

Don’t miss out on revisiting or discovering this explosive franchise that set new standards in action-comedy filmmaking, becoming one of Hollywood’s most beloved classics!

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