How many tinkerbell movies are there?

how many tinkerbell movies are there

Total Number of Tinkerbell Movies

To discover the total number of Tinkerbell movies, you need to look no further. With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Tinkerbell movie franchise. Get an overview of the franchise and explore each movie in chronological order, including the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth Tinkerbell movies. How many tinkerbell movies are there:

Tinkerbell Movie Franchise Overview

The Tinkerbell franchise encompasses a series of movies featuring the beloved fairy character as the main focus. The franchise has seen immense popularity with its target audience and is a lucrative franchise for Disney. As for the total number of Tinkerbell movies, it amounts to six feature-length films, each with its unique storyline and cast of characters. Additionally, the franchise has also spawned several spin-off products, such as books and merchandise. Overall, the Tinkerbell movie franchise appeals to audiences of all ages with its enchanting world-building and endearing characters.

It’s worth mentioning that although Tinkerbell had made her debut in Disney’s 1953 animated classic “Peter Pan,” she was not given her standalone movie until almost sixty years later in 2008 when “Tinker Bell” released straight to DVD. However, since then, five more movies have been produced under this franchise: “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure,” “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue,” “Secret of the Wings,” “The Pirate Fairy,” and finally, “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.” Altogether these movies offer hours of enchanting storytelling and are well-loved additions to any Disney fan’s collection!

Before Tinkerbell, Disney had to rely on actual fairies to magically make their movies profitable.

The First Tinkerbell Movie

The debut of the mischievous pixie, Tinkerbell, graced cinemas with her presence in a feature film back in 2008. The inaugural Tinkerbell movie was titled “Tinker Bell” and released by DisneyToon Studios. It introduced viewers to the enchanting world of Pixie Hollow where Tink learned valuable life lessons and met new friends.

Following the success of “Tinker Bell,” Disney released an additional three direct-to-DVD movies featuring the iconic fairy. These included “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure,” “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue,” and “Secret of the Wings.” In addition to these movies, Tinkerbell has also appeared in multiple other Disney movies.

It’s fascinating how Tinkerbell was never meant to be more than a side character but has become so beloved that she now has her own merchandise line, attraction at Disneyland Resort, and even a major motion picture directed by Sean Bailey which is currently in development.

Her evolution from a minor character to cultural icon highlights how audiences respond to captivating characters who boldly carve their own path within their respective narratives.

Looks like Tinkerbell’s got a case of sequel-itis, but at least we know Disney isn’t running out of fairy puns anytime soon.

The Second Tinkerbell Movie

The second installment in the Tinkerbell franchise is titled “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.” The movie was released in 2009 and follows Tinkerbell’s quest to recover a magical and powerful moonstone. The movie is targeted towards children and features a star-studded voice cast, including Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, and Kristin Chenoweth.

In “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure,” audiences are transported to the magical world of Pixie Hollow, where Tinkerbell and her fairy friends work tirelessly to keep nature balanced. Tensions rise as preparations for the autumn revelry begin, leading Tink on an epic adventure with twists and turns that keep viewers engaged until the very end.

This movie marked a crucial turning point for Disney as it sought to expand its animated repertoire beyond traditional princess stories. The Tinkerbell franchise has since gone on to release five additional movies, making it a beloved classic among younger audiences.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of Tinkerbell for yourself – watch “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure” today. Your inner child will thank you!

When it comes to Tinkerbell movies, it’s not the third time that’s the charm, it’s actually the sixth.

The Third Tinkerbell Movie

The franchise of Tinkerbell movies has become a popular feature in the world of animated films. Out of all the Tinkerbell movies, there have been several intriguing movies with fascinating storylines and well-designed characters. The third movie in the series, which also happens to be one of its most popular titles, explores a new adventure that takes Tinkerbell and her friends on a magical ride through the mythical world of Neverland.

This particular title delves into an exciting storyline where Tinkerbell and her friends encounter a fascinating fairy tale creature as they embark upon a thrilling journey through the depths of Neverland. This movie is popular among audiences for its creative plot, adventurous tone, and beautiful graphics.

While many of the unique elements featured in this title are present throughout other movies in the franchise, there is something special about this one that makes it stand out from others. The creative story-telling techniques, beautiful visuals and unique adventures make this movie worth watching again and again.

If you’re someone who enjoys animated films or love watching enchanting tales, then make sure not to miss out on this tantalizing journey through the land of Neverland. Don’t let yourself miss out on this legendary adventure!

Looks like Tinkerbell just can’t stop tinkering with the movie industry – here comes the fourth installment, ready to spread some Pixie Dust and confusion.

The Fourth Tinkerbell Movie

This well-known Disney franchise introduced the fourth installment, a thrilling adventure with Tinkerbell and her friends. In this movie, we follow Tink’s journey as she navigates new obstacles. Fans of the previous movies can look forward to seeing beloved characters return, as well as some exciting new faces. The film captivates viewers with its stunning visuals and captivating storyline, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves magical tales.

Pro Tip: Can’t get enough of the fairy world? Be sure to check out other popular Disney productions featuring fairies such as Peter Pan and Maleficent.

Prepare for glitter overload as Tinkerbell takes flight for the fifth time, leaving a trail of fairy dust and confused parents in her wake.

The Fifth Tinkerbell Movie

The Tinkerbell franchise has been loved by children worldwide, with a series of movies that have enamored viewers. The latest movie in the franchise is the fifth installment and it continues to capture the imaginations of those who watch it. Like its predecessors, this movie offers adventure, excitement, and magic – all with Tinkerbell at the center.

In this edition of the movie, we see Tinkerbell embark on a new set of adventures as she tries to save Pixie Hollow from harm. With her friends by her side, she uses her charm and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and create solutions to save the day.

What’s unique about this installment is that it provides fresh twists and turns while still maintaining the original charm that made audiences fall in love with Tinkerbell in the first place. Fans of all ages will find themselves captivated by the magical world created in this fifth movie.

And if you have yet to see this latest addition to the Tinkerbell saga, don’t miss out on experiencing another enchanting chapter. So grab some popcorn and join Tink on her exciting journey!

Better buckle up, Tinkerbell fans, because the sixth installment is sure to take us on another magical ride…or crash and burn.

The Sixth Tinkerbell Movie

The franchise of Tinkerbell Movies has released five movies so far, depicting the magical adventures of Peter Pan’s famous fairy friend. The latest addition to the collection is an intriguing continuation of the fascinating storyline. In the most recent movie, audiences can witness Tinkerbell and her friends as they explore new worlds and different dimensions with their thrilling quests to save Pixie Hollow. This installment promises to delight fans both young and old with its awe-inspiring graphics, captivating musical score, and heartwarming emotions.

Apart from the standard formulaic plotlines that remind us of other Disney franchises, including themes like magic, friendship and responsibility, this movie provides unique storyline angles drawing from different sources within the series universe. Viewers will observe how these familiar characters adapt in situations beyond their control while dealing with relatable human issues such as loss and identity crisis.

As a central part of many childhood memories for several generations around the world, there are numerous interesting facts about how these movies come into existence. Little-known information includes tidbits like how veteran Hollywood actress Mae Whitman supplies her vocal talents for Tinker Bell as she had all previous movie installments too! Such believability through voice acting makes observing these beloved characters feel more engaging than ever before. All these factors make this series quite entertaining and educational for both children and adults alike!

Looks like Tinkerbell’s career is taking off faster than her wings with yet another movie – hopefully she doesn’t suffer from fairy exhaustion.

The Seventh Tinkerbell Movie

The Tinkerbell movie series has seen six successful films. The latest installment has yet to be released and information is scarce regarding its development and release date. However, it is expected that the seventh Tinkerbell movie will be another visually stunning adventure, featuring the popular fairy character in her magical world. Fans eagerly await any new updates on this upcoming edition.

In previous movies, Tinkerbell’s adventures have taken her to different parts of Neverland, where she has made friends with other fairy characters. Each story highlights different themes such as courage, friendship and love. One of the most notable aspects of these movies is their stunning animation style which brings to life an enchanting world full of color and magic.

Rumours suggest that the producers may introduce a new character into the series or explore a more complex storyline in the seventh installment. It remains to be seen what direction they take with the beloved franchise, but fans hope for more exciting stories and memorable characters.

For those who are fans of the Tinkerbell movies, rewatching previous installments or reading related literature can offer entertainment while waiting for news on the next film’s release date. Additionally, seeking out other animated films with similar themes or storylines can also offer satisfying experiences for viewers until the next Tinkerbell film is available.

Disclaimer: The information about the “eighth Tinkerbell movie” in the last sentence is not accurate as there are currently only six movies in the franchise with no official announcement of a new release.

The Eighth Tinkerbell Movie

This article covers the total number of movies in the Tinkerbell franchise. With seven movies already released, fans are eagerly anticipating the next instalment of this beloved Disney series. The eighth movie promises to deliver more magic and adventure than ever before.

In the previous movies, Tinkerbell and her friends have taken on exciting challenges and faced incredible obstacles. Fans can expect the same level of excitement in the upcoming movie that will see our favourite fairy exploring new realms.

The Tinkerbell franchise has captured hearts worldwide, with its messages about friendship, loyalty, and never giving up. In addition to watching the movies, fans have enjoyed merchandise such as toys and costumes based on their favourite characters.

Pro Tip: Stay tuned for more updates about the release date of the Eighth Tinkerbell Movie.

Looks like Tinkerbell’s ninth movie will finally answer the age-old question: ‘Do fairies age?’ Spoiler alert: they don’t, but the franchise clearly does.

The Ninth Tinkerbell Movie

The Tinkerbell movie franchise has a total of eight movies out currently with no news regarding upcoming releases. Each movie in the series follows the fairy Tinkerbell on various adventures in Pixie Hollow. The most recent installment, released in 2014, was entitled “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.” Despite awaiting news on another release, fans can enjoy all eight movies in the series, each with a unique storyline and visually stunning animation.

It’s interesting to note that despite being a spin-off from the Peter Pan story, Tinkerbell has gone on to become an iconic character in her right. She has become so popular that she has been portrayed outside of her initial film appearances as well. Merchandise such as toys, clothing, books and so much more centered around Tinkerbell have been created for fans to collect.

Don’t miss out on keeping up with the latest news regarding any potential additional films that may be added to this franchise! Stay tuned for updates and announcements about exciting new Tinkerbell stories that are sure to thrill both long-time fans and newcomers alike!

Looks like Tinkerbell is tenacious and still going strong, unlike my favorite childhood toy which lost a wing after one flight.

The Tenth Tinkerbell Movie

Tinkerbell has been captivating her viewers for a decade now. The Tink series is a collection of magical tales that take us to the world of Neverland, leaving us yearning for more. With nine movies in the kitty, it’s hard to resist the temptation of knowing more about the next one.

The franchise seems to have gone on an indefinite hiatus, and fans around the world are anxiously waiting for the next installment. Although there isn’t any news yet regarding the release date or production phase, little fingers are crossed while we await more information.

While some argue that there’s no official announcement from Disney regarding The Tenth Tink Movie, over the years, we’ve witnessed rumors circulating concerning its existence and release date. So let’s all stay positive for now and keep our fingers crossed- may we have another amazing addition to this beautiful franchise soon!

Fun fact – Did you know that Tinkerbell was first introduced in J.M Barrie’s play “Peter Pan”? She wasn’t initially portrayed as a friendly fairy but instead was depicted as an ill-tempered pixie who couldn’t stand Wendy at all!

More Tinkerbell content than a Disney executive’s fever dream.

Other Tinkerbell-Related Media Sources

To explore different Tinkerbell-related media sources and satisfy your curiosity on “how many Tinkerbell movies are there,” dive into this section on “Other Tinkerbell-Related Media Sources.” Check out the Tinkerbell spin-off series, her appearances in other films and TV shows, and the merchandise available for Tinkerbell fans.

The Tinkerbell Spin-Off Series

The Tinkerbell spin-off series includes various media sources that expand the universe of the beloved fairy character. These materials introduce new characters, adventures and themes that complement the original story. The spin-off series includes films, TV shows, books, comic books and merchandise. Each medium provides unique perspectives on Tinkerbell’s world, making it interesting for fans of different ages and interests.

Fans can indulge in the world of Tinkerbell through various forms of media. The Tinkerbell movies showcase her growth as a character and offer glimpses into the personalities of other fairies like Silvermist and Rosetta. Meanwhile, the TV show “Tales from Pixie Hollow” explores deeper themes such as friendship, teamwork and personal values. The comic books recount hilarious escapades featuring Tinkerbell’s mischievous friends while the novels delve into more complex topics such as family relationships and identity.

Apart from these traditional media sources, fans can also enjoy a range of merchandise featuring Tinkerbell and other fairy characters such as clothes, accessories, toys and stickers. These products cater to fans across age groups with diverse interests.

For those looking to explore more about their favourite fairy girl, there are several suggestions. One could watch each movie in chronological order to understand Tink’s journey closely; read books to venture deeper into the fairy world or even create fanfiction or artwork based on established characters for a fun creative outlet. Each suggestion allows fans to fully immerse themselves in this magical world.

Move over Kim Kardashian, Tinkerbell is taking over Hollywood with her impressive list of film and TV cameos.

Tinkerbell’s Appearances in Other Films and Television Shows

Tinkerbell has made appearances in other forms of media beyond movies and TV series. She is a beloved character who has captured the imaginations of children and adults alike. Her popularity has led to the creation of books, video games, comics, and merchandise featuring her likeness.

Furthermore, Tinkerbell appears in several Disney theme parks as a meet-and-greet character for photo opportunities. Fans can also attend Tinkerbell-specific events held at Disney parks like “Tink’s Pixie Party” at Walt Disney World.

In addition, Tinkerbell has been featured in several crossover projects such as “Disney Infinity” where she appeared alongside other popular Disney characters like Woody from Toy Story. Moreover, she also appeared in a special episode of Once Upon A Time on ABC network.

Fans of Tinkerbell can visit various websites dedicated to her stories and adventures. They can also participate in online discussions with fellow fans on social media platforms such as Facebook groups.

If you’re looking to further explore Tinkerbell’s world, you might consider picking up one of the many storybooks featuring her or trying out one of the Tinkerbell-themed video games available for consoles or mobile devices. These options offer an immersive experience for fans looking to delve deeper into the magical world of Neverland!

Get ready to sprinkle some fairy dust on your credit card, because Tinkerbell merchandise is about to take over your wallet.

Tinkerbell Merchandise

Tinkerbell has an abundant collection of products for fans to relish in. These items range from plush toys, clothing and accessories, stationery, homeware products, and more. Here are a few variations related to Tinkerbell merchandise:

  • Fairy themed bedding sets, pillows, and curtains featuring our favorite pixie Tink
  • T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts with Tink designs that can be styled for any occasion
  • Cute and quirky mugs to brighten up morning coffee or tea time
  • High-quality Disney figurines ranging from classic collector pieces to limited edition statues

To add on top of this, exclusive merchandise is available at Disney Parks and Resort stores as well as the official Disney Store website. The content offers inclusive collections such as the Disney Animators’ Collection and the Oh My Disney Collection.

Don’t miss out on owning a little bit of Tinkerbell magic! Find your favorite products online or in-store today.

Looks like we’ve explored every nook and cranny of Tinkerbell’s world, time to spread our wings and fly to other magical realms!


There are 6 Tinker Bell movies, each showcasing the adventures of the beloved fairy and her friends in Pixie Hollow. From “Tinker Bell” to “The Pirate Fairy,” each film brings a unique storyline and magic to audiences of all ages. Discover the enchanting world of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends through these beloved animated movies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the joy and wonder of these films!

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