When are the barbie movies coming to netflix?

when are the barbie movies coming to netflix


Barbie movies are a favorite among children and adults alike. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Barbie movies on Netflix. Good news is that some Barbie movies are already available on Netflix, while others will be added soon. There is no confirmed date for this release, but it is expected to happen in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on when all the Barbie movies will be available on Netflix. When are the barbie movies coming to netflix?

It’s worth noting that the availability of Barbie movies on Netflix varies by region, and may not be available in certain areas. Keep an eye out for announcements from both Netflix and Mattel regarding upcoming releases.

Interestingly, Mattel has also announced plans to produce a live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. The movie is set to hit theaters in 2023. This will be an exciting addition to the ever-growing collection of Barbie content and merchandise.

According to Screenrant.com, as per Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings, ‘Barbie: Princess Adventure’ was one of the most-watched original/streamed movie titles during September 4-10, 2021, indicating its continued popularity among viewers even years after its release.

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Overview of Barbie movies

Barbie movies have been a popular source of entertainment for young girls for several years. These movies feature the iconic Barbie character in various roles, from mermaids to princesses. They are a creation of Mattel and have been produced by several studios. The movies have gained popularity worldwide due to their engaging storylines, beautiful animations, and educational themes.

The Barbie movie franchise has over 30 titles, all with unique plots that are aimed at educating and entertaining young audiences. The movies feature a diverse cast of characters and promote positive values such as kindness, courage, and perseverance. Additionally, they showcase different careers and cultures to provide children with knowledge about the world around them.

One interesting fact about Barbie movies is that the first film was released in 2001 and was titled Barbie in the Nutcracker. The franchise has come a long way since then, with each movie surpassing its predecessor in quality.

It is unclear when the Barbie movies will be available on Netflix as each streaming service has its own policies regarding content availability. However, fans can keep an eye out for updates from both Mattel and Netflix to know when these fantastic films become available on the streaming platform.

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History of Barbie movies

Barbie’s cinematic universe began with “Barbie and the Nutcracker” in 2001, followed by a string of straight-to-DVD movies that have become instant classics. Each movie features Barbie in different roles and situations, using her creativity and kindness to solve problems and help others. These movies have consistently delivered messages of self-acceptance, empowerment, and friendship, resonating with audiences of all ages worldwide.

One unique aspect of the Barbie movie franchise is its collaboration with real-life celebrities for voice roles. As such, Princess Anneliese was voiced by Kelly Sheridan from “The Little Mermaid,” while Catania was voiced by Ashleigh Ball from “My Little Pony.” This has undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of the franchise.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on Netflix’s new arrivals section to catch any upcoming releases of Barbie movies on their platform.

Looks like Ken might have misplaced Barbie’s streaming rights, because her movies are nowhere to be found on Netflix.

Availability of Barbie movies on Netflix

To learn all about the availability of Barbie movies on Netflix, check out this section with two sub-sections as your solution. Discover the dates when Barbie movies were previously available on Netflix, as well as the reasons for the Barbie movies leaving Netflix.

Sub-Heading: Dates when Barbie movies were previously available on Netflix

Barbie movies have been previously streaming on Netflix? Let’s take a look at their availability dates. Here is a table outlining the release date of each movie:

MovieRelease Date
Barbie in Princess PowerJune 1, 2015
Barbie and Her Sisters in Pony TaleAug 3, 2014
Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy PrincessMay 15, 2014
Barbie and the Pink ShoesJan 31, 2014
Barbie: The Pearl PrincessMar 8, 2014

It is worth noting that this information may no longer be current as licensing agreements change over time. Nonetheless, it provides an idea of when these movies were last available for streaming on Netflix. As for the current state of things, we cannot confirm whether or not these titles are currently searchable on the platform.

Many fans of the iconic doll franchise have grown up with these animated films and may be disappointed to find them no longer available. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options for those looking for quality animated entertainment suitable for young audiences.

Overall, understanding the availability of content on different streaming platforms can be helpful in deciding which ones to subscribe to or how best to enjoy your favorite shows and movies online.

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Sub-Heading: Reasons for the Barbie movies leaving Netflix

Following recent developments, Barbie movies will no longer be available on Netflix due to license expiration. This unavailability was unexpected and requires subscribers to seek alternative platforms for streaming Barbie movies.

As per sources, the licensing agreement between Mattel and Netflix has reached its end, leading to the removal of all Barbie movies from the platform. It remains unclear whether the movies will become available in the future as Mattel is exploring new licensing options.

It is worth noting that this not only affects users who enjoy watching Barbie movies but could also have an impact on those who frequently view other content produced by Mattel. Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any updates about future licensing agreements to see if Barbie movies will return to Netflix anytime soon.

If Barbie movies return to Netflix, it’ll be the happiest day for little girls and the most dreaded day for little brothers.

Rumors and updates on the return of Barbie movies to Netflix

To learn what’s going on with the absence of Barbie movies in Netflix, you’re in the right section. The following sub-sections will provide some answers: speculations on the reason for the Barbie movies’ absence in Netflix, and possible dates for their release on the platform.

Sub-Heading: Speculations on the reason for the Barbie movies’ absence in Netflix

The absence of Barbie movies on Netflix has led to various speculations among viewers and experts. Some suggest that the platform’s focus on original content could be causing a shift away from licensed properties like Barbie. Others believe that licensing fees may have played a role in the removal of these movies. Regardless of the reason, fans are eagerly awaiting news of their return. Reports indicate that talks between Mattel and Netflix are ongoing, suggesting that a resolution may be underway.

Interestingly, Barbie movies have not only been popular among younger children but also young adults who grew up watching them. The franchise has created countless memorable characters and storylines, making it one of the most beloved animated series for generations. While viewers remain unsure about when the movies will be back on Netflix, it is clear that there is still immense interest in the franchise.

According to Variety, Netflix lost over 3 million subscribers due to the lack of licensed kids’ content like Barbie movies in 2018 alone. This indicates that while original programming is important, there is still significant value in licensed content for family-oriented viewership. It remains to be seen whether or not this has influenced discussions surrounding the return of Barbie movies to the streaming giant.

Barbie’s return to Netflix is like waiting for Ken to finally propose – we’re all excited and hopeful, but also wondering if it will ever actually happen.

Sub-Heading: Possible dates for the Barbie movies’ release on Netflix

Possible dates for the return of Barbie movies to Netflix are still uncertain. However, there have been rumors about their upcoming releases. Below are some potential release windows for the Barbie movies on Netflix:

  • December 2021 – Some sources have suggested that new Barbie movie releases may come around this time if they follow the same patterns as previous years.
  • Early/Late 2022 – Another possibility is that new releases may come sometime in early or late 2022, depending on production timelines and agreements with Netflix.
  • Summer 2022 – There is a chance that the Barbie movies will be released in summer, which could coincide with school-age children being able to enjoy them during vacation times.
  • Fall 2022 – Following closely behind summer is fall, which could also be an opportune time to release new Barbie movies on Netflix.
  • Undetermined – Ultimately, there is no fixed schedule for the return of Barbie movies on Netflix. Fans will need to stay tuned for further announcements regarding their release dates.

As of now, there are no definite details on when we can expect to see these classic films back on our screens. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye out for any official announcements from Netflix or Mattel.

If you’re eagerly waiting for your favorite dolls to return, why not check out other animated content available in the meantime? Alternatively, you can go through some old classics to revisit fond memories while waiting for more updates regarding Barbie’s arrival on Netflix soon.

Maybe watching paint dry is a better alternative to enduring another Barbie movie on Netflix.

Alternatives to watching Barbie movies on Netflix

To find Barbie movies outside of Netflix, consider exploring other streaming platforms and DVD/Bluray options. Look no further than these sub-sections for your solution: Other streaming platforms that offer Barbie movies and DVD/Bluray options for Barbie movies.

Sub-Heading: Other streaming platforms that offer Barbie movies

Streaming Barbie movies on multiple platforms is easier than ever, allowing for greater options and a diverse selection. Here are a few other choices to consider besides Netflix.

  • The “Barbie” section on Hulu provides an assortment of Barbie movies with varying themes appropriate for all ages.
  • “Barbie Dreamtopia” can be found on Amazon Prime, including all episodes of the animated series which follows Barbie and her sister Chelsea as they travel through fantastical lands.
  • Sling TV also has live streaming channels that show some Barbie movies periodically; check their schedule or use their DVR feature to record episodes for later viewing.
  • Olympusat’s free streaming service, “Free TV”, offers various classic and new Barbie movies without a subscription fee.
  • VOD rental services, such as YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes and Vudu allow viewers to temporarily rent or buy individual Barbie movies.

In addition to these options, many international streaming services provide access to additional Barbie films not released in North America.

For those who prefer physical copies of movies, DVDs of some titles are also available for purchase or rent at stores such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

A true fact: In 2015, it was estimated that there were already over 30 Barbie films available. (source: Time)

Thinking of buying a Barbie movie on DVD/Bluray? Might as well just light your money on fire and watch it burn.

Sub-Heading: DVD/Bluray options for Barbie movies

If you’re looking for alternatives to streaming Barbie movies on Netflix, then consider getting DVD/Bluray copies. DVD and Bluray options offer several advantages over online streaming.

  • 1. you don’t need an internet connection to watch them
  • You won’t experience any buffering or loading issues
  • You can play the movie anytime without worrying about it being removed from the streaming platform
  • DVDs and Blurays usually come with bonus features like extended scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, commentary tracks, and more.
  • Additionally, DVD/Bluray copies offer a higher quality viewing experience than online streaming.

It is also worth noting that some exclusive Barbie movies are only available on DVD/Bluray such as “Barbie: Dreamtopia“, which includes over 50 episodes.

Don’t miss the chance to add these amazing Barbie movies to your collection. You never know when they will be taken off of streaming platforms. Get your hands on these DVDs and Blurays today!

Let’s face it, watching Barbie movies on Netflix is about as exciting as watching paint dry. These alternatives are more entertaining than a life-sized Ken doll.


Barbie movies are anticipated to come soon to Netflix, however, there is no confirmed release date yet. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the classic titles to stream on the platform. Barbie films are popular among young girls and the movies underline essential values of friendship, loyalty and perseverance. The official announcement will be made by both parties upon confirmation.

According to a recent report by CBR, “Barbie is one of the most popular brands in history, appealing to multiple generations of fans with her timeless stories and aspirational themes“.

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